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Helping Ukrainian War Widows!

Dear ones, it's been a joy to assist Pasha and Alyssa from House of Peace Church in Cernauti in their good work with displaced people in the Ukraine.

One the groups helped by your donations have been the widows of men killed in the conflict.

Even though this may come in the form of a bag of essential food from time to time, it is still a wonderful ministry, as shown in recent photos and updates we've received.

The captions beneath each photo are as received from Alyssa and Pasha....

"the pain they are feeling is indescribable, it is simply indescribable. this woman's only son died!! she said that he just wanted to protect Ukraine and come back alive, he was only there for a month and he is gone. he died!!he was 19 years old."

"this woman believed until the last that her husband would return alive, but a month ago he died"

"this woman was left with two children .. but her mind was filled with such grief that her husband died .. that she now has to be treated in a mental hospital…"

this woman had a boy for 7 months ..the husband died without ever seeing his son

and this woman lost both her son and her husband... there is a white bag next to the black grocery bag... she asked to buy her toilet paper, which she didn't have..."

and then finally "...we have good news !!some women of the fallen soldiers were in the church ..and heard about Christ ..we gave them black food bags !!"

Oh, the work among these dear people continues. May we all learn to weep with them, and remember them in our prayers. Thank you for helping!


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