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The Matched Funding Challenge!

Grace and peace in His blessed name, dear everyone!

Just a little message with some good news and also a friendly challenge for us in Romanian Ministries.

We've been helping complete Casa Ovidiu, a Christian Home for Abandoned Children, in Siria, Western Romania.

Unfortunately with the Ukrainian conflict affecting prices and other things, the original budget has doubled.

But the Lord has been touching peoples' hearts, and since our Christmas newsletter over £15,000 has been received.

And along with these kind offerings, we have received a pledge from a Christian charitable trust - that they will match-fund up to £10,000 for donations received for Casa Ovidiu since 30 January!

We have six months to call on this, but are hopeful in the Lord's goodness of raising this money.

We, and the abandoned children of Romania, would be grateful for your prayers!


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