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A quieter yet still significant part of our work in Romanian Ministries is the support of people who while not in full-time ministry, are committed to helping pastors in their service for the Lord.

Romania has far fewer pastors than churches, and multiple pastorates are common. We’ve heard of pastors responsible for two churches, five churches and even thirteen churches on one occasion. Obviously this lies well beyond the reach of one individual when it comes to preaching and youth work, and so gifted laymen have an important role.

Viorel Rete lives in Cluj with his wife and four children. He came originally from a small village about 40km away, named Topa Mica. There he actively serves the Lord today. His clattering red minibus can often be seen winding through the lanes to collect children or teenagers for youth meetings. He preaches occasionally in the village church, and also runs summer Bible clubs.

Vio has also helped numerous village children to pass their entrance exams for secondary school. While this required Saturday morning study, something that Romanian Ministries was pleased to sponsor, it eventually proved successful. Vio’s great gift is being able to relate comfortably with just about anyone, from lowly gypsies to wealthy landowners, and he has a great heart for those who are sick. We’ve been pleased to help him with the costs of his ministry, including the refurbishment of a house he inherited which he uses as a venue for youth meetings.

Bucur is an older man, now retired, whose stern countenance belies a warm Christian heart. He serves as deputy pastor to Doru Decean in Razboien, one of Doru’s five churches. Accessible only via stone-chipped roads for many a mile, Razboien is home to a warm Baptist fellowship where Bucur preaches for three Sundays out of every four. It’s been even more difficult in recent years, as Ana, Bucur’s wife, has been diagnosed with cancer. Our big bear of a man nonetheless perseveres. We give him some help with the costs of driving to Razboien each Sunday, for the blessing of the church through a consecutive ministry.

Andrei is the youngest of the three workers we help. He and his young family also live in Cluj, but assist Pastor Doru in one of his other congregations in Calarasi. In an age when many young Romanian Christians are bending towards the most comfortable life they can find, Andrei’s service of the Lord in a small church is very commendable. He leads meetings and will occasionally preach. Such committed co-workers are a great blessing to Doru, and we have been pleased to offer some help with travelling expenses.

Please remember our lay workers in your prayers! And may the Lord in His grace bless their labours for Him.

Church Workers

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