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A New Home for a Hard Worker!

Here's a video message from Sorin in Radesti, received two weeks ago:

Sorin is a quiet Christian man who has worked with Pastor Doru on the Romanian Ministries land project for four years.

Doru testifies to Sorin's commitment, hard work and good spirit. We in Romanian Ministries have met him on many occasions, and are of the same opinion!

Sorin's previous very small house was damaged beyond repair by heavy flooding in Spring last year.

The local council intervened to provide temporary accommodation in the form of something similar to a converted lorry container.

A small plot of land will be provided by the council this summer for Sorin to build on, but Sorin needs pay for the costs of construction himself. It's expected that this will be approximately £15,000. Approximately £11,000 has been raised or received already.

Donations are warmly invited to help Sorin with this challenge!

The Scriptures are eloquent and clear - what we do for the least of these, our dear brethren, we do for our Saviour Himself!


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