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Much Darkness, More Light - the Plans for Emanuel Hospice's New Building

In first place among Romanian Ministries projects stands Emanuel Hospice in Oradea, western Romania.

We are so pleased to sponsor 4 staff in this team of Christian health professionals.They visit 240 terminally ill people each year, and, with their blend of medical, emotional and spiritual care, are aptly described as "angels without wings".

The start of the coronavirus pandemic saw great concern on the part of patients as to whether staff would continue to visit. They were assured that there was no intention of anyone abandoning anyone.

Hospice Director Marinela Rotariu, for many years "demoted" (her word!) to an office role, once again took to the field to visit patients in need.

Three members of staff tested positive for coronavirus in the autumn. Symptoms were mild, thankfully, and following self-isolation all workers returned to their roles.

And by the Lord's leading and grace, there are great hopes for 2021!

For a wonderful expansion of ministry in the form of a new building.

But why do this? Is it really needed? Well, let's consider the facts -

- 1,550 people die of cancer each year in Bihor county, where Oradea is located

- 3,700 people die each year in Bihor from other causes, some of which require end-of-life care

- more than 8,000 family members would benefit greatly from counselling and bereavement support

As stated above, Emanuel Hospice currently helps 240 adults each year. There are 6 other palliative beds available free of charge in the county. All remaining cases either pay exorbitant private care bills or, far more commonly, receive no help at all.

Surely something must be done!

And so what will this new building offer? Well, each year it will provide -

- home-based palliative care to 350 adults (an increase of 50%)

- help to 100 children with terminal or life-limiting conditions (trebling the current provision)

- 275 patients being admitted on-site for symptom control and respite (no patients admitted at present)

- 900 family members receiving bereavement support and counselling

...and all this in an environment of Christian care and compassion!

Now, it's true, substantial costs are involved - £1.4 million, of which £470,000 has already been raised.

But there are numerous groups seeking to help with this, and we believe in a great God!

Romanian Ministries is seriously considering whether to attempt to raise the £46,070 needed for the cost of land for the new premises. We're praying much about this.

For we serve a Saviour who calls His people to help others in their hour of greatest need.

"When I was sick, you visited Me".

Let's pray, and work, and see what our God will do!


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