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About Us


How did the work of Romanian Ministries begin? Well, in a word, involuntarily…

Adrian Carey-Jones was pastor of a church in Bristol, which one Sunday morning in January 2007 was visited by a new arrival from Romania, Cornel Pelea.

The two men quickly became good friends, and, as is the wont of hospitable Romanian Christians, many invitations for Adrian to visit Romania followed. All were politely declined.

Adrian felt called to pastoral ministry in the UK, and often rued the fact that he had minimal interest in the Lord’s work overseas.

Nevertheless, persistence on Cornel’s part won the day. Adrian reluctantly agreed to a five day visit,  hoping inwardly that this would bring an end to his experiences of Romania.

The Lord had other plans.

During the stay, the Lord wove a deep fascination with the country into Adrian’s heart. Almost his first words to his wife on arriving home were to the effect that he must start learning the Romanian language!

The two men returned to Romania in April 2009, and then again in October the same year. During the latter visit, they travelled to Aiud in central Romania to visit a pastor-friend of Cornel’s, Doru Decean.

Doru’s quiet, godly demeanour was deeply impressive. A tea-time discussion revealed that his wife, Luci, was working up to seven days a week at a local hospital in order to make ends meet.

Sensing the burden of this, Adrian and Cornel offered financial contributions from then on so that Luci might decrease her number of shifts and accompany Doru on Sundays. 

Romanian Ministries had begun.

The ways of our God are in accordance with His own perfect wisdom and understanding. He fashions a path for His people in keeping with the callings He gives them. His is to lead, ours to follow!

So it was with our origins in Romanian Ministries. So it continues in our vision and aspirations today!

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