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Taking Up the Torch!

Romanian Ministries is taking on the work of well-known South Wales charity, Support for Romania!

Support for Romania was founded by Alan and Ann Penrose in 1990. The following years saw over 150 trips to Romania, often in the form of a convoy of aid lorries, for poverty relief projects and ministries all over the country.

I remember once sending a report to Alan with a section on Emanuel University in Oradea. "Oh yes" Alan responded, "all the windows for the main university were brought over by us, and a ride-on mower for the grass!"

Ann Penrose's book Road to Romania is required reading for any serious student of Christian work in Romania. It's been almost an annual ritual for me in recent years!

Many of us from South Wales have fond memories of Alan's cheerful visits and sales of white mugs with fruit patterns emblazoned on the front.

I also recall missionary to Moldova Maureen Wise describing Alan as "a man much used by God". Could there be a better description of anyone?

But now, after 30 years of ministry, the advancing years of his team have necessitated the handing on of the torch.

There was an existing overlap of projects, most especially in the form of Emanuel Hospice. We will, however, gain eight new ministries.

We look forward to developing these and see it as a great privilege. Our prayer is that the work commenced and so faithfully led by Alan and Ann will continue so with us.

A newsletter on developments will be sent to existing Support for Romania and Romanian Ministries supporters, Lord-willing, by the end of January.

By the Lord's grace, His work continues!


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