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For the last three years, Romanian Ministries has sponsored pastor Doru Decean (pictured above) through income from a land project.

Doru was the pastor used of the Lord to call Romanian Ministries into existence. It was through meeting him in October 2009 and realising that his wife Luci was working seven days a week in order to make ends meet that Romanian Ministries started.

The following years saw a transition in our support for Doru, from regular monthly gifts to investment in a land project. The intention of this was for Doru's support to be generated locally.

And, through the Lord's blessing, this has been achieved, with profits of £2,000 in 2015, £2,600 in 2016 and a wonderful £4,000 this year.

Unfortunately, however, the tractor Doru had been using was owned by his brother, who recently needed to sell it urgently.

This has left Doru without any means of ploughing and working the soil, and placed the land project in severe difficulties.

We are therefore raising £5,000 for Doru to purchase a second hand compact tractor plus equipment urgently.

The reason for the apparent rush is that soil is benefited by being ploughed prior to the land freezing. And while the first frosts have been already known in the village of Radesti, where the project is located, the sooner all is purchased and this preparatory work done, the better!

It is hoped that profits from the project should more than equal the outlay on the tractor within two years.

The first £1,000 towards the tractor was received from a generous church yesterday. We were so thankful for this! More is needed, however, and if you would like to help or find our more, please get in touch!

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